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Bankruptcy is a part of the United States Constitution. The Founders viewed it as a legitimate and necessary mechanism to help people obtain debt relief and get a fresh start, but many people facing bankruptcy are overwhelmed and have no idea where to turn. Fred understands and can help. He has practiced bankruptcy law in Houston since 1980 and has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors, and government agencies in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11.


Fred will assess your situation, advise which filing will be best for you, and carefully explain the costs and what will be required before, during, and after you file.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (most common)

Discharges credit card debt, medical bills, personal loans, unsecured loans, and more.  If Fred determines that filing Chapter 7 is right for you, you will receive immediate protection from creditor harassment, wage garnishment, bank levies, and repossession.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Stops foreclosure on your home and puts you in a payment plan that allows you to keep your home and reorganize your debts. Upon completion of the plan, many of your unsecured debts will be discharged (canceled) successfully. Fred analyzes your debts, your income, and other factors and explains your options. If staying in your home is a realistic goal, Fred will clarify how filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop a pending foreclosure. He’ll also explain the obligations you will be required to meet in order to file Chapter 13 and to complete the bankruptcy procedure successfully. Should Chapter 13 Bankruptcy not be feasible for you, Fred will explain other options, including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, to eliminate qualified debts.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is most often used by commercial entities and applies to business owners.  Individuals who would use Chapter 13 but have more debt than is allowed, can use Chapter 11 to achieve the same results as in Chapter 11.  Fred will advise you if Chapter 11 is appropriate for your situation.


Please call Fred to discuss your situation and find the bankruptcy proceeding that best suits your needs – and you can trust in his discretion.